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Year Round Throwing Manual JUST released by Alan Jaeger

By Norcal, 10/26/15, 7:15PM PDT


A must own PDF for all ballplayers

One of the primary goals of every athlete is to optimize their skills and abilities. In baseball, there is not a more important skill than throwing. For starters, if you can't throw, you can't play. But throwing is more than just staying injury free. The goal of every baseball player should be to find out "what's" in your arm, and "what" it is capable of doing. 

Our "Year Round Throwing Manual" is designed to give players, coaches and parents a plan of action to find this out by not only optimizing the Health, Strength, Endurance and Recovery Period of the arm, but to gain insight into how to best "navigate" the four major seasons or periods throughout the year (Off Season, In Season, Summer Months, Rest Periods). 


Order it here.