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Arm Care Q&A With Alan Jaeger

By Norcal, 05/19/15, 8:45PM PDT


Alan Jaeger is one of the baseball industry’s leading experts on arm care, physical conditioning and mental training.

Jaeger has also done extensive, illuminating research into the origins of throwing programs and the training regimens of many top draft prospects.

First of all, Alan, tell our readers a little about your background. How did you become so passionate about long tossing and about arm care in general?

I’d say on the throwing side, as a kid growing up, I threw all the time. I loved throwing, whether it was a football, baseball. My buddies and I threw batting practice to each other all the time. I never thought of a throwing program growing up, I just knew that the more I threw, the better I felt. I just had a rubber arm. It was probably my first year in junior college when I was around another fellow pitcher, who was kind of the ace of our staff and a guy I looked up to. I probably threw it as far as I could, which I’m guessing was 300-plus (feet). We were from the left-field line to the right-center warning track basically. What I took from this guy — his name was Danny Gonzalez — he basically gave me a tip that when I start coming back in toward my partner, to just make sure I maintain the same effort as my furthest throw, and just start aiming lower and lower. What that did for me is it’s probably the first time someone put a face on some form of instruction or awareness of a certain style of throwing.

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