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World Series

About the NorCal World Series

The NorCal World Series began in 2008 as a partnership between three of the best baseball names in Northern California. Two of those names, Rawlings Baseball and NorCal Baseball have been among the leaders in their respective fields in Northern California and nationally for over 15 years. During that time the explosion of baseball leagues, teams, and showcases has been very exciting. Rawlings and NorCal Baseball have always been and will always be about the promotion of baseball and the athletes who play it.

During this trend of growth in amateur baseball in Northern California one event clearly became the best at not only promoting baseball but promoting the individual athletes involved, that event was the Bay Area World Series, founded by Blaine Clemmens in 2004. In the fall of 2007 Clemmens was hired by the Atlanta Braves as their Northern California area scout, which could have created a perceived conflict of interest if he was still running/directing a major showcase. At the same time NorCal had decided it was time to move our annual late summer NorCal Showcase to the beginning of the summer. Since Clemmens was looking for a partner to run his event and keep it alive while he was a scout and we were looking to move our event to the same time of the summer as BAWS had traditionally taken place, it made sense that Rawlings, NorCal Baseball and Bay Area World Series would form a partnership. That is how Bay Area World Series became Rawlings NorCal World Series. The partnership ended in December of 2009 when Clemmens left RNWS to once again run Bay Area World Series on his own.

It is our goal that the NorCal World Series continues to bring the best and brightest of Northern California’s top baseball playing student-athletes together in one unified regional event that promotes the highest level of high school baseball our region has to offer and also continues to assist the student-athletes that participate in their goal of becoming college ballplayers.